Why C-Maxx is More than Just Vitamin C

Why C-Maxx is More than Just Vitamin C

C-Maxx is a great buffered Vitamin C

At MaxxAlive we are always looking for ways to enhance our formulas to ensure absorption and to make them even more effective. We have added R-lipoic acid to our C-Maxx formula and made it even better!!


R-Lipoic Acid research shows that (R)-lipoic acid is a natural form of ALA (alpha lipoic acid) and a more biologically active form of ALA which offers greater antioxidant and neuroprotective benefits.
R-lipoic acid is directly involved in cellular metabolism and is a vital component of the intracellular antioxidant cycle in that it is a part of the recycling process of vitamins C, E, and glutathione.
R-lipoic readily crosses the blood-brain barrier and has been shown effective for elevating intracellular glutathione levels.

New and improved C-Maxx

In other words adding R-Lipoic Acid to our C-Maxx formula makes it more effective.
A lower amount of vitamin C plus natural R-Lipoic Acid = a more effective antioxidant.
The one-two punch of MaxxAlive’s improved C-Maxx is that adding R-Lipoic Acid will actually activate antioxidants like vitamin C and promote glutathione formation in our cells.


Your adrenals and immune system will love this product!
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