How to Re-Balance Hormones with Low Carb Nutrition

How to Re-Balance Hormones with Low Carb Nutrition

How to Re-Balance Hormones with Low Carb Nutrition

How we nourish our body is very important…but it can be revolutionary when trying to re-balance our hormones.

Our body responds to the food we give it by producing appropriate hormones. For instance, we know that eating foods that are estrogenic in nature may raise our estrogen levels. Dr. Lee used to say that we are living in a sea of estrogen causing women to become estrogen dominant. Too much circulating insulin produced from eating proteins and carbs can cause women to over produce testosterone. We know also that Testosterone is a precursor to the body’s production of estrogen and so estrogen levels can raise under the influence of foods we have eaten that raise insulin.

ALL hormones in your body interact with one another. What tends to happen as insulin increases, testosterone increases, estrogen increases and progesterone decreases. When this happens women do not feel well! They suffer from all the symptoms of estrogen dominance, progesterone deficiency and androgen excess.

So…we can conclude for many women with elevated testosterone or estrogen controlling insulin would go a long way to resolving their hormone imbalance. How do we control insulin….by resolving insulin resistance and improving insulin sensitivity….in other words choose better foods and nourish our body differently.

Carbs and Protein both stimulate the production of insulin…so it would stand to reason that lowering our intake of these foods would affect a change in insulin and thus effect our hormone levels. That is exactly what studies are showing.

What would that look like to someone wanting to re-balance their hormones! This way of eating is being called Low Carb High Healthy Fat diet or LCHF. LCHF means that Carbs make up approx. 5 – 20% of the diet, Protein is moderate at 20% and Fats are raised to 60 – 75% of the diet to compensate for the lower carb intake and to create meals that are satisfying.

This is a very effective lifestyle treatment for re-balancing hormones. Combine LCHF with moderate exercise and wise supplementation and this then becomes a program to reverse hormone challenges such as elevated estrogen and elevated testosterone. This diet can stop Hot Flashes, end infertility and reduce a woman’s risk for cancer.

At MaxxAlive, we can provide you with a test to help determine estrogen, progesterone and testosterone levels. If they are out of balance we are able to assist with a program to rebalance hormones which includes the LCHF lifestyle. Connect with us today!