Balance Estrogen Naturally

Balance Estrogen Naturally

It IS possible to normalize estrogen naturally and to bring balance to your hormones!

Estrogen is necessary and important to many functions in our body. It is important to normalize estrogen naturally.  It is only when estrogen becomes out of balance in both men and women that health challenges occur.  It is important when dealing with Estrogen Dominance (which is the term often used for out of balance hormones) to stop estrogen from fluctuating or to lower it to optimal levels by using natural alternatives instead of synthetic drug therapies.
Estrogen Facts:


  • Estrogen is produced by the ovaries in menstruating women.  At menopause, ovarian production of estrogen drops between 40% and 60% but not to zero!
  • A small percentage of women will need to supplement estrogen due to lower than normal levels.
  • Women with 10 pounds excess body fat as they enter menopause will have the capability of producing estrogen.  Estrogen is produced in body fat via the conversion of testosterone in menopausal women.
  • Many of the symptoms of peri-menopause and menopause are due to fluctuating estrogen, not low levels.
  • Most women have estrogen levels within optimal ranges.

Symptoms of Low Estrogen


  • Vaginal Dryness: although it can also be attributed to low progesterone which should be tried first if a saliva test reveals a deficiency.
  • Vaginal Atrophy: the thinning of the vaginal wall due to aging and hormonal decline.


Resolving Hormone Imbalances such as Estrogen Dominance and Vaginal Dryness.
Step 1: Determine your Estrogen levels and the Ratio of Progesterone to Estrogen by doing a saliva test.
Step 2: Normalize Estrogen Naturally. If estrogen levels are low try a natural approach by implementing the use of an Indole 3 Carbinol(I3C) supplement to normalize estrogen and stop the fluctuations.  There are supplements available now that contain 300 mg of I3C plus 30 mg of DIM per dose.  Check out DailyMaxx at
Step 3: If symptoms of low estrogen persist try an Estriol Cream along with vaginally applied progesterone cream.  Using the two creams together you should experience positive results within the first two weeks of use.


Pros of using an Estriol Cream

Estriol vaginal cream is a good first choice, for supplemental estrogen since it is the gentlest option and may be safest where there are breast cancer concerns.
A low-potency cream will gradually help tissue both inside and outside the vagina, and can also be applied directly to the vulva and urethral tissue.  Results may be seen in just 1–2 weeks.

Cons of using an Estriol Cream

Some complain that the cream feels messy — especially during the first week of nightly use.
Some women may be sensitive to the cream base. (Oil-based suppositories may be preferable in both cases.  Perhaps use estriol in emu oil.)

Estriol is thought to bind to the estrogen receptor and block all the other xenoestrogens.  You have to remember to use it to maintain results, and it’s not intended as a personal lubricant for sexual intercourse.

It IS possible to normalize estrogen naturally and to bring balance to your hormones!